Crazy Time Statistics

Crazy Time statistics is necessary for an effective game. If you want not only to watch the wheel spinning, but also to increase your bankroll on a regular basis, you need to develop your own strategy. Crazy Time Stats is essential for this. Detailed information about the draws will give you an idea of the trends in the game. 

We provide reliable Crazy Time Result. Special algorithms track Crazy Time live stream and form a convenient table that can be used by every visitor. This page contains only up-to-date data from the latest draws. You do not need to use any additional software to get Crazy Time Stats.

What information we get from Crazy Time history

Crazy Time live casino analysis typically provides the following data:

  • Spins results, including the segment (number or bonus game) and multipliers, if applicable.
  • Bonus round results. Detailed results of Crazy Time’s bonus rounds such as Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip and Crazy Time’s bonus wheel are tracked. This includes the specific multipliers obtained during these rounds.
  • Statistics. Frequency of each type of results, average payouts in different segments and bonus rounds.
  • Winning Number Trends. Tracks trends in winning numbers and segments, giving players an idea of which segments have been falling out more often or are “hot” at the moment.

This detailed information can be very useful for players who want to analyze the results and patterns of the game to potentially improve their strategy. However, remember that past results do not guarantee future outcomes, especially in gambling games like Crazy Time.

crazy time statistics
Сrazy Time Win Today

The Most Popular Bonus Round: A Statistical Insight of Casino

One of the key statistics that casinos closely monitor is the popularity of Crazy Time bonus games. A glance at the stats would reveal how frequently  punters engage in each bonus round and which one captures their attention the most. Let’s take a look at a sample table showcasing the percentage distribution of players across the four bonus game rounds:

Bonus RoundPopularity Percentage
🎰 Cash Hunt35%
💰 Pachinko25%
 🎉Coin Flip20%
🎲 Crazy Time20%

From the table above, we can observe that Cash Hunt remains the most popular bonus round, attracting approximately 35% of players. However, Pachinko is also a favorite among players, with a close 25% engagement rate. Coin Flip and Crazy Time share similar popularity, each attracting around 20% of players.

When the bonus round commences, you will need to select a flapper. On the wheel, you will find numerous different multipliers.

history of crazy time
Crazy Time RTP

Crazy Time History – the biggest payouts in the game

The most remarkable Crazy Time big win to date was achieved through Cash Hunt on 11th December 2022. This game has been responsible for some of the most rewarding bonus rounds in the show’s history. The big win unfolded as follows: initially, a 50x multiplier was aligned with Cash Hunt on the slot, followed swiftly by the wheel landing on the Cash Hunt bonus game. The anticipation was high among players, and the result was staggering – a 25,000x multiplier!

This bonus round resulted in a staggering payout of €2,815,169, distributed among 5,512 winners, averaging about €510 per person. It was a significant payout for the nearly 6,000 players involved in this Crazy Time game.

Another notable big win Crazy Time occurred with Cash Hunt on 20th January 2022. The multiplier-laden live game show offered players a significant financial boost. The win was triggered when Cash Hunt hit a 12,500x multiplier on a 25x slot. The total number of winners was 5,160, sharing a commendable €1,919,939, averaging about €372 per player.

Today’s big wins

Big payouts happen on the show almost every day. To stay up to date with the latest events, follow Crazy Time big win today history. This displays the current results of the latest drawings. 

Crazy Time live statistics can be used to refine or test your strategy. If your assumptions are regularly confirmed, you can safely place a bet. If the result is negative, you should refine the system or use strategies developed by experts.

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Crazy Time RTP and win probability

Although Evolution Gaming has not released official information about Crazy Time RTP, observations show that this figure is approximately 95.41% for all bets. Be prepared for the fact that the game is very volatile. Significant winnings usually come after a certain number of unsuccessful bets. 

Crazy Time scores for each segment are as follows:

Coin Flip7,41%
Cash Hunt3,7%
Crazy Time1,85%

It is important to consider that such figures are fair for prolonged play. Crazy Time live score may vary significantly. For example, it is not uncommon for one of the bonus rounds to fall out 2-3% more often than it should. However, with prolonged play, the results come to an average value. 

Crazy Time Trackers: Spin History Today

Crazy Time tracker meticulously record the results of wheel spin, bonus round, and player behavior since the last game. This data is assembled thanks to previous spins feature. Players gain an edge by identifying which segments of the wheel are hot and which ones are not by analyzing all of these. Tracking the frequency of bonus round activations, big wins, prize you win and near misses empowers players to make informed decisions and capitalize on favorable moments. Taking into account all of the information, a player will attempt to make an educated guess on the best time to place a bet.

Moreover, Crazy Time live stats help players manage their bankroll effectively. Understanding the volatility of the game and its fluctuating trends enables players to adjust their betting amounts and maintain a sustainable gaming experience.

As players delve deeper into the world of Crazy Time results, these trackers become indispensable tools, guiding them towards the most rewarding opportunities. Embracing the power of data-driven analysis, players can embark on an adventure filled with anticipation, excitement, and a strategic edge that sets them on the path to Crazy Time victory. Sometimes, trackers make it possible to get more more mindful and coherent approach to playing the game.

crazy time live tracker
Crazy Time Tracker

Crazy Time: Casino Stats

Crazy Time statistics provide invaluable insights into player preferences, winning probabilities, and historical wins. Online casinos use this data to enhance the gaming experience, optimize the game’s mechanics, and ensure that players keep coming back for more. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to Crazy Time, diving into the world of “Crazy Time stats” can undoubtedly enrich your understanding of the live online game and make your gaming sessions even more exciting.


Crazy Time is a unique game in which spin statistics play an important role. Only by immersing yourself in the history of the draws, analyzing the data and developing a strategy do you begin to truly understand this show. Therefore, it is very important to find a reliable source of Crazy Time statistics and constantly check with it.
The fact that the draw history is in the public domain speaks volumes about the integrity of the game. You can check the results with the data provided by the casino at any time. In addition, with the help of statistics it is easy to check the Crazy Time RTP and other parameters of the game.


How are Crazy Time statistics collected and analyzed?

Online casinos meticulously track player bets, wins, and engagement with each bonus round. These data points are aggregated and analyzed using advanced algorithms to provide valuable insights into player behavior and game performance.

What can I learn from Crazy Time statistics as a player?

Crazy Time statistics can help you understand the popularity of bonus rounds, probabilities of landing on different segments, and historical big wins. This knowledge can inform your betting strategies and improve your chances of success.

Which bonus round is the most popular among players?

According to the statistics, Cash Hunt remains the most popular bonus round, attracting around 35% of players. Pachinko and Coin Flip share similar popularity, each garnering approximately 25% and 20% of player engagement, respectively.

How can Crazy Time statistics influence my betting decisions?

By analyzing the probabilities of landing on different segments, you can adjust your betting amounts and frequency. Understanding the odds can help you make more informed decisions and tailor your risk-taking strategies.

Are Crazy Time statistics useful for responsible gaming practices?

Yes, Crazy Time casino stats play a crucial role in promoting responsible gaming. Casinos utilize the data to identify potential signs of gambling addiction and offer support to players when needed. Additionally, statistics help ensure fairness and transparency in the game, creating a safe and enjoyable gaming environment.

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