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Games with live dealers are very popular at online casinos. Visitors like to touch the atmosphere of the gambling establishment while they are in a familiar environment. But watching Crazy Time live streaming gives even more thrilling emotions. After all, the viewer finds himself not in a casino, but on a TV show and, moreover, can participate in the process.

The provider of the game is the company Evolution Gaming. Every day the broadcast attracts hundreds of thousands of players to monitors and smartphone screens. And they can be understood. Specialists from Evolution managed to organize an exciting gameplay. During the Crazy Time stream you can bet on one of 54 sectors. In addition, the game provides bonus rounds and linear multipliers (x1, x2, x5 and x10), which significantly increase the probability of winning. Another reason to watch Crazy Time and take an active part in the show is the high return percentage, which reaches 95.4%. The combination of atmosphere, special features and high odds of winning ensures undying interest in the game.

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Crazy Live Time

Crazy Time live streams: where to find them

Despite user interest, not all online casinos allow you to watch Crazy Time live. Special equipment and additional software are required for broadcasting. Therefore, smaller gaming platforms avoid game shows, favoring easier-to-maintain slots, and simulators of classic games.

We have compiled a selection of casinos showing Crazy Time live. In addition to quality broadcasting, they offer lucrative bonuses to new and regular players. You can get a boost to your deposit for registration, deposits, participation in tournaments and other activities. 

Crazy Time live streaming is also available on our website. We tried to provide maximum comfort for fans of the show. Here you will find a detailed description of the rules, recommendations on strategy development, statistical data and much more. 

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Crazy Time Livestream

Crazy Time live video: what goes on behind the scenes

The show is broadcast from a studio located in Riga, Latvia. In 2016, Evolution took over two neighboring buildings there and carried out a major renovation, equipping them with modern broadcast rooms. It is a remarkable fact that the first games with live dealers started even before the renovation was completed. Despite the inconveniences, the presenters demonstrated high professionalism and ensured a smooth gaming process.

The heart of Crazy Time stream is Mission Control Room (MCR) – a state-of-the-art monitoring center reminiscent of a ship’s captain’s bridge. Here, an entire wall of flat-screen monitors broadcasts live feeds from each table, and a color-coded chart tracks the “status” of each game. Everything is done with efficiency in mind: automatic monitoring systems alert support staff to incidents, ensuring a prompt response to any problems at the tables.

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Requirements to the staff

Few people think about the strict requirements for the people we watch during live Crazy Time streams. Meanwhile, Evolution pays special attention to staff recruitment and training. The HR team plays an important role in the hiring process, looking for people with mandatory English language skills, outgoing personality, presentation skills, accuracy in completing tasks and punctuality in timekeeping. Interestingly, the gender distribution among dealers remains roughly equal. Many dealers are students, so the recruitment and training period is busier in the summer when they graduate or return home.

But staff turnover doesn’t concern the money wheel show. The most professional presenters who have a permanent contract with the company have been selected for the show. Those who love to watch Crazy Time will surely recognize Ilona and Oleg, the people who appear on screen most often. The charisma of the presenters makes viewers breathlessly await the results of the spin. 

It is broadcast from two studios at the same time with different dealers. So if you like to watch Crazy Time Live with a certain presenter, you will have this opportunity. 

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Crazy Time Live Show

Where you can watch Crazy Time Video

Videos of big wins and significant gambling show moments are easy to find on youtube. Many guides and strategies for the game are also published there. 

Real emotions and reviews of players you will find in the video Crazy Time: 

  • On Twitch;
  • Facebook live;
  • Mixer;
  • InstaGib and other platforms.

The most popular site to Crazy Time live stream Twitch. Watching the show with you, bloggers share their own experiences, or explain nuances. This way of viewing has only one major drawback. Live streaming Crazy Time Twitch takes your attention away from the presenters, who are an important part of the attraction.


What makes Crazy Time live streaming so appealing to online casino visitors?

Crazy Time live streaming offers a unique experience that transcends traditional casino gaming, immersing players in a TV show-like atmosphere where they can actively participate.

Who provides Crazy Time and how can players access live streams?

Evolution Gaming is the provider behind Crazy Time. While not all online casinos offer Crazy Time live due to the need for special equipment and software. Players can access these live streams on selected casinos that offer quality broadcasting and bonuses, as well as on our website.

What are the requirements for staff involved in Crazy Time live streams?

Evolution Gaming has stringent criteria for their live stream presenters, focusing on skills like English proficiency, outgoing personality, presentation abilities, task accuracy, and punctuality. The most professional presenters, such as popular faces like Ilona and Oleg, are contracted permanently for the show.

Where else can viewers watch Crazy Time videos or live streams?

Apart from the official live streams, Crazy Time videos and significant moments from the game are available on YouTube, where guides and strategies are also shared. Additionally, real emotions and player reviews can be found on platforms like Twitch, Facebook Live, Mixer, and InstaGib. Twitch is particularly popular for Crazy Time live streaming, where bloggers often share experiences and insights.

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